SuperWASP Asteroids Archive

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Welcome to the SuperWASP data archive

The web page gives you access to the Asteroid data collected by SuperWASP and information on the API for accessing the data with your own code. This site is currently in developement (alpha stage).

Coverage shows the asteroid coverage plots from the different years of observations
Summary gives you searchable access to the data held on the different asteroids
Data Lets you download all the raw data for an asteroid
Lightcurves Lets you look at what light curve data is available for an asteroid
Phasecurves Lets you look at what phase curve data is available for an asteroid
Examples A few example codes using the api.

This web page is produced by Dr Neil Parley. Contact me at neil.parley[at] The paper describing this work is in preparation. However information on the procedures used are available in my PhD thesis available here

These pages are a Python bottle app hosted at pythonanywhere